Are Your Tyres Performing Accurately?

Have you ever considered what could possibly make your tyres last longer? Of course, wheel balancing plays a beneficial role in keeping your tyres in good condition, but how does your vehicle handle? Does enjoying better road holding and a longer tyre life sound attractive? The alignment of your wheels needs to be checked so you enjoy easy use of your auto. Just the slightest difference in direction can cause your road holding to be reduced, your fuel consumption to be increased and your tyre wear to rise dramatically. Drive your auto into P.E.T.S. to have your tyres checked in Petersfield. They can align your tyres so you enjoy easier and safer driving.

Properly Performing Tyres Make for a Smooth Ride

Tyres that spin at a high speed can have a massive impact on your driving with even the smallest of weight differences. All it takes is a single unbalanced wheel to cause your auto to use more fuel, not to mention that the ride will be extremely uncomfortable. Having your tyres balanced can provide you with a better ride as well as higher fuel efficiency. It also extends the life of your tyres so they last longer. Such a simple service can really help keep your tyres in better shape.

Get Help Purchasing the Right Tyre

Eventually the time will come when you need new tyres. Portsmouth Exhaust & Tyre Services (P.E.T.S.) can assist you in purchasing the right tyres for your auto. They provide a great tyre selector guide that is ideal for choosing from some of the world’s leading tyre brands. Enjoy great prices on tyres that range from budget to premium quality. You know you’re getting a good deal when all tyre prices are VAT inclusive, as well. All you need to do is book tyres online and get them fitted when it’s convenient for you.

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